Our Approach

Let's face it ,In today's modern society everything is about electronics and computers.Everything has a website associated with it.Even people have their own pages on the realm.With realm hosting we work with individuals to create the pages they need. Whether it a online store,blogs ,forums ,BFF sites ,informational,gallery , or anything individuals need to be a presence in the world wide web.With realm-hosting we help with all your needs.

Our Story

From years of hosting in the 80's I have now re-opened. I worked with many people in the past ,hosting individuals,to yahoo related sites ,to church's,to songwriters,and much much more.I'm going to refresh my mind and update the realm again one site at a time.

Under Construction

I Dont' know who these people are but thought I would leave them in for you all to look at .


Some Lady

Founder & CEO

Under Construction


Some Guy

Vice President

Under Construction


Some other guy


Under Construction

Next Steps...

This is where you go to contact me and get started.